Who is Your Health Trends?

Your Health Trends is a publisher of health and beauty content.

It is our goal to provide quality information to improve your life and to track trends in the market and scientific research. We leverage extensive research and documentation from various scientific journals and published research papers and help translate those discoveries into actionable information that is easy to understand.

How Does Your Health Trends Review Products?

Safety of Ingredients

We review the label and ingredients of all products that we rate. We examine the recommended dosage. We cross reference all ingredients against safety databases and review each product MSDS when possible. We look for product with minimal fillers and additives.

Calculated Effectiveness

We compare the latest research data on the “active ingredients” and the dosages utilized in each product to attempt to calculate how effective the formula will be.

Return Policy

We feel that a robust return policy proves that a manufacturer stands behind their brand. We look for return policies that provide enough time to experience the full benefits from a product. We also fully review each brands return policy to determine if its a true “No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee” or if its filled with small print designed to limit how many people can use the product.

Customer Experience

Customer experience ratings are provided by evaluating customer and user reviews based on their personal experience using a product.

How Does Your Health Trends Provide Free Reviews?

Your Health Trends generates revenue through two methods. Firstly, by using affiliate links, where each product reviewed on the website has a link to an online marketplace or website for purchase, and Your Health Trends receives a share of the proceeds from any sales made via these links.

Secondly, the company that owns and operates Your Health Trends has a vested interest in some of the products reviewed on the website. Any such products are clearly identified in the reviews.